The lightbulb wars begin…straitjacket?

Today, for the first time, two of the retail stores I visited (Target and Lowe’s), had NO incandescent light bulbs on their shelves. They did have fancy signs detailing which more-expensive light bulb varieties you will be permitted to purchase, now that your all-powerful Government in Washington, DC has determined that you, the citizen, are not competent enough to decide how to light your home. Welcome to the Brave New World of Government-Mandated Light Bulbs.  And, by the way, if you have lamps designed to work with three-way light bulbs, you can kiss them goodbye.  No three-way LED or CFL bulbs.

…and the Straitjacket continues to tighten…and your Liberty diminishes…

And my response?  NO, NO, 1,000 TIMES NO!

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