Black-on-White Crime

Is it my imagination, or are we seeing more of this lately? This from KOMO News in Seattle: A group of thugs (from the story, at least one of whom was black), attacking tourists downtown. This from Fox News: The Virginia man who murdered two TV news people, on camera. Just today.

Medieval Music…Long Form Writing

In the summer of 1991, I went to Cambridge, England for a UCLA Summer Program.  We lived for three weeks in Trinity Hall College (founded in the 14th Century to train canon lawyers), and were able to take one of four different courses, taught by dons of the various colleges.  I took a course entitled …

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New Theme…….Long-form Writing Coming Soon

I decided to try out the new Independent Publisher theme.  How do you like it?  I thought it would better display my "in the works" long-form writing.  It's a piece of writing I did a long time ago, but it was well-received, and I'm having fun adding features that I couldn't include in the original, …

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Just when you thought the OTL administration couldn’t get more Terrible….

They go and intervene in a lawsuit by terrorism victims against the Palestinian Authority...on the side of the Palestinians!  I have said many times that OTL is an Arab Sympathizer...  This story on the Fox News site today, really takes the cake!  Instead of a link, I reprint the story below in its entirety.  Do …

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NOT This Week’s Photo Challenge…Clouds

For some reason, I've been paying attention to clouds lately, and noticing the many different form that water vapor in our atmosphere can take.  From fluffy white, to menacing dark gray, to wispy mares' tails, clouds are just beautiful to gaze upon.  I've taken some new photos, and brought together some from my photo library. …

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Banality of Evil…Planned Parenthood Butchers Babies

I didn't think I'd have need to use this photograph again.  My friends and I have been heartsick the past week, as the videos detailing the evil done by Planned Parenthood have been gradually revealed in videos.  Just when it seems that the situation could not be more terrifying, the pro-life group releases a new …

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Socialism Doesn’t Work…Even at 70K

Funny, normally the levelers known as Socialists or Communists prefer to bring the high-earners down so everyone is "equal".  This business owner in Seattle tried it the other way, making the minimum salary at his tech firm $70,000 per year.  Yes, even new hires with less experience were paid at that rate, higher to start …

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