Dear Muslims of the World

This piece originally appeared on the Member Feed at Ricochet.  I have permission of the author, who goes by Franco, to feature it here.  I am in agreement with every word.

Dear Muslims of the world,

The United States is not a Muslim country. We eat pork, we like dogs, we drink alcohol (a lot!). We don’t honor sharia law, we have our own legal system that Americans have fought and died for, and for the most part we are happy with it.

Our women are allowed to dress immodestly and we are working on having them become equal. We allow banks and lenders to charge interest. There are a lot of Jews in this country, and most of us Christians actually like them. There are a lot of homosexuals here, and for the most part, we like them too. We allow them to marry, and yet unlike Islam we don’t approve of polygamy, except in some remote sections of Utah which you probably wouldn’t like much. [RushBabe adds that one of the original founding tenets of the United States of America is Religious Liberty.  Our citizens are allowed to follow ANY, or NO religion, according to the dictates of their conscience.]

There are a lot of sick things about our culture, and many of us are working on that, and we don’t blame you for being quite horrified at some aspects, but we have our own strategies and tactics, and our own boundaries for dealing with these things.

Some of us are afraid of you, and they won’t treat you as you may wish to be treated. You may well be completely against ISIS and are disinterested in waging jihad, but we have no way of knowing, since many jihadis pretend to be moderate like you until they go off on a rampage.

This is our country. If you are already an American citizen, you can stay if you like. You can make plenty of friends here and you can prosper. You can pray to Allah 5 times a day, or even more if you like. We don’t care about that. But we can’t change our society to fit your religious needs.

So if that is what you want, you shouldn’t come here. If you are here and find our culture intolerable, we will pay your airfare to the Muslim country of your choice, with no hard feelings.


2 thoughts on “Dear Muslims of the World

  1. nandapanjandrum

    Amen! Thanks for the repost…Heard this one kicked up some dust over there; that will happen in the sandbox, but it makes conversing, seeing, and even *thinking* difficult. The more things change…Sigh.

  2. Most people thought it was good-it’s what most of us are thinking but few have the courage to say out loud. I’ve never been shy about speaking out loud. The post that is kicking up some dust is the one about “toning down the Clinton criticism”. Some heavy-duty argument going on! Hugs, Nanda.

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