Weekly Photo Challenge: States of Mind: in Awe of Nature

I love going to the mountains, God's Big Construction Project (and also destruction project).  These mountains, in Zion National Park in Utah, used to be at the bottom of a big shallow sea.  Notice the many layers of rock, first deposited over millions of years, then thrust into the sky. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/state-of-mind/

Proof Positive that Money Cannot Buy Votes

Democrats tend to say that they are interested in getting the money out of politics.  To this end, they have passed numerous campaign finance "reforms", and when running for office they tend to disparage the influence of Super Pacs (except, of course, for their own) and big corporate donors. [Just don't ask Hillary the Harpy …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

I've got this one covered.  My favorite season of the year is Autumn.  I got married in October of 2003, and I'm in that period of my life, and loving it. My husband and I went to Victoria, British Columbia for our honeymoon, since he had never been there before.  We took the Victoria Clipper …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I was finding this topic pretty difficult-how do you picture Time?  The original description over at The Daily Post cited Matt Haig's "Reasons To Stay Alive", and he states that a way to stop time is "Read".  Aha!  On my trip to University of Cambridge, we went to the Library at Gonville & Caius College, …

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