Proof Positive that Money Cannot Buy Votes

Democrats tend to say that they are interested in getting the money out of politics.  To this end, they have passed numerous campaign finance “reforms”, and when running for office they tend to disparage the influence of Super Pacs (except, of course, for their own) and big corporate donors. [Just don’t ask Hillary the Harpy about all those $500,000 speaking engagements for big investment banks]

This week, we saw the demise of the Jeb Bush campaign for the Republican nomination for president.  His campaign, and his “Right to Rise” Super Pac spent in the neighborhood of $23 Million, to secure the votes of primary voters in three states.  Funny, but all that money did NOT buy him victory!  Too bad all that evil money was wasted on a candidate who was, simply, NOT the choice of the Republican primary voter.  Most of us in the Republican Party “base” tend to prefer a real conservative, and Jeb was not.

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