Terror in Istanbul – The Turkish People Are Being Kept in the Dark!

Yes, it’s true.  You have perhaps heard or read about the suicide-bombing this morning, near the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  Shortly thereafter, it came out that the perpetrators were probably ISIS.  Due to their Islamist-leaning government, the Turkish people have had their internet access cut off, and web sites of news organizations blocked.  A friend who is in the know (used to live in Istanbul) tells me that the Turkish government often blocks web sites that post the news about what is really going on in their neck of the woods.  In this attack, ten people were murdered, nine of whom were German tourists.

If you have friends or relatives in Turkey, send them the link to this article.  They might be interested in the real news.  We in the West, who take our press freedom for granted, need to help those in the Middle East who have NO press freedom to learn the real news.

2 thoughts on “Terror in Istanbul – The Turkish People Are Being Kept in the Dark!

  1. Not precisely true. There was a news ban put in place immediately after the incident (in fact the news ban came out before the first ambulance arrived on the scene) but this was in place more for safety reasons that hiding the truth. Living in Turkiye I can tell you that it was shown on every channel throughout the morning and no websites were blocked (and as someone whose website has been blocked I know!).

    Are those of us living in Turkiye getting the real story? Doubtful but ask yourself this do you in your home country get the real story from the your either? Doubtful.

    Incidentally the first thing I did this morning was hop on CNN and BBC websites. There was nothing about the attack on any of their pages. The west controls their media just as much as Erdogan controls his.

    No I am not Turkish.

  2. Thanks very much for your comment! I get much news firsthand on Ricochet-we have members all over the world who report in regularly. And I follow Fox News and the Washington Free Beacon for US news. Please keep in touch! I’d love it if you’d follow my blog.

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