Black Lives (Don’t) Matter

What about this Black Life?

Found at Butcher Gosnell's "Clinic".
Found at Butcher Gosnell’s “Clinic”.

Did you know that over 60% of black babies are aborted?  Yes, SIXTY PERCENT!  This evening, I discovered an interesting Web Site called Black Genocide.  Give it a look.

This simple fact shows that so-called Progressives do NOT believe that Black Lives Matter. In truth, the fact that Abortion is the Holy Sacrament of Progressive Doctrine, shows plainly that NO lives matter to them in the end.  Democrat Voters matter to them, but only until they get elected and have absolute control over your life, and everyone else’s life too.

So don’t for one minute believe that Black Lives Matter.  To those who spout the progressive talking points, black lives are just as worthless as any other.

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