Who is more important to the president? Brutal dictators? Or you?

Let’s see.  In the past couple of years he has met with, and praised:

The Brutal Dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin.


A Saudi Prince, of a kingdom that represses its women, stoning them to death for “honor crimes”.


He has done his best to release “detainees” (brutal terrorists) from Guantanamo Prison, allowing them to  return almost immediately to their grim business of murdering innocents.   Courtesy of TruthRevolt:

Defense Department Confirms Americans Killed by Released Gitmo Prisoners.

His “legacy” includes signing an “agreement” with the brutal dictators of Iran, lifting sanctions and releasing billions of dollars of frozen funds.  This will allow them to continue with their march to a nuclear weapon.  Meanwhile, they capture US sailors whose boat accidentally “invaded” their waters, and humiliate them.


He decided, unilaterally, to reopen relations with the brutal dictatorship of Cuba, lowering barriers to travel and investment.  And all the while, boatloads of Cubans escape from their island “paradise” to freedom in America.  Last week, the president visited Cuba.  Here he is with his buddy.


The next day, he appears in a well-sited photograph, right in front of his college “hero”, a brutal murderer and far-left idol.


On Tuesday, while radical Islamic Terrorists were blowing up the Brussels airport and a subway, murdering and gravely injuring dozens of innocent people, the president…. attended a baseball game in Cuba.


***EDIT…I just had to add this Ramirez cartoon.  It’s priceless!


So, exactly who is more important to the president?  Brutal dictators?  Or You?

3 thoughts on “Who is more important to the president? Brutal dictators? Or you?

  1. Brutal dictators of course, the people won’t go anywhere. billions of them, they’re not pet dogs, they feed themselves and cloth themselves. It’s good thing he’s fixing relations with Cuba, in good or in bad. Otherwise they might run away to someone else.

  2. I don’t think he really believes anybody is brutal.

    Think like those people who can’t really grasp that some dogs bite. They’re just “misunderstood” or something.

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