Black Friday is coming

And the Seattle Humane Society is offering free black cats for Black Friday.  It is said that black cats are less-readily adopted from shelters than are cats of other colors.  I just had to smile when I read the story on the KOMO Seattle news site.  Click over to the story and see the cute black kitten who is their cover kitty.

Now, myself, I am owned by my third black cat, two of whom were adopted from shelters (my first black cat was a “free kitten” from a friend).  My previous black cat was with me for 17 of her 18 years, and I miss her still.  Here she is:

Milhaud the black cat

She was very sweet, very quiet, and she slept with me on my bed from the first night I brought her home from the shelter in 1992 (I was going through a very uncomfortable period in my life, and I swore I would not go through it without a cat).  I loved her dearly, and I miss her still.  I named her after a French composer named Darius Milhaud, because a musician friend of mine said it sounded like meow (it is pronounced Mee-yo).

I am now owned by a beautiful black cat who we named Kikyo, after an anime character who was a high priestess in medieval Japan.  She is a young sprite, and she of course owns the house, just letting us live there.

Her Royal Catness, the Lady Kikyo:

Kikyo, our aristo-cat

I call this picture (above) The Aristo-Cat.  She held this pose for a good 15 minutes, watching out the high window.

Kikyo, undignified

Have you ever seen a more undignified pose?

Kikyo, on her window perch
Our cat, Kikyo, on her window perch

I shot this video just after we brought her home from the shelter.  Happy Black Friday!