Black Friday is coming

And the Seattle Humane Society is offering free black cats for Black Friday.  It is said that black cats are less-readily adopted from shelters than are cats of other colors.  I just had to smile when I read the story on the KOMO Seattle news site.  Click over to the story and see the cute black kitten who is their cover kitty.

Now, myself, I am owned by my third black cat, two of whom were adopted from shelters (my first black cat was a “free kitten” from a friend).  My previous black cat was with me for 17 of her 18 years, and I miss her still.  Here she is:

Milhaud the black cat

She was very sweet, very quiet, and she slept with me on my bed from the first night I brought her home from the shelter in 1992 (I was going through a very uncomfortable period in my life, and I swore I would not go through it without a cat).  I loved her dearly, and I miss her still.  I named her after a French composer named Darius Milhaud, because a musician friend of mine said it sounded like meow (it is pronounced Mee-yo).

I am now owned by a beautiful black cat who we named Kikyo, after an anime character who was a high priestess in medieval Japan.  She is a young sprite, and she of course owns the house, just letting us live there.

Her Royal Catness, the Lady Kikyo:

Kikyo, our aristo-cat

I call this picture (above) The Aristo-Cat.  She held this pose for a good 15 minutes, watching out the high window.

Kikyo, undignified

Have you ever seen a more undignified pose?

Kikyo, on her window perch
Our cat, Kikyo, on her window perch

I shot this video just after we brought her home from the shelter.  Happy Black Friday!

One thought on “Black Friday is coming

  1. sirpercival01

    I’ve never owned a cat, but I watched a black cat named Margo for a girl who was moving to Washington D.C. For various reasons, her mother wouldn’t be able to (z, so I picked up the cat, it’s carrying contraption, it’s food, and the other required supplies and let her loose in my studio apartment. She immediately found the gap in the bathroom wall under the sink that I hadn’t even suspected was there and dived into it, underneath the building.

    I left food and water out, and it was being used, as was the litter boxt, for the next few days. It was like having a roommate who worked the late shift. I would see evidence she was around without ever seeing her.

    Then one day when I was sleeping, something licked my big toe. I let out a yell that must have awakened half the neighborhood. All I saw was a black streak heading for the hole under the sink. I didn’t see her again for about a week. After that she became a little more sociable.

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