Winter Wednesday

Last time I checked, the outside temperature in my town was 33.   We had snow over the weekend, and there is still some on the ground in my neighborhood.  Here are some winter shots from years past.   Brrrrrr…

Thirteen Bushtits at once on the suet feeder
Thirteen Common Bushtits on our Suet Feeder, January 2012


Also from 2012.  The round thing in front is our bird bath.



The parking lot at work, March of 2013.  Snow in March is VERY unusual around here!


White Christmas!  December 23, 2016

2 thoughts on “Winter Wednesday

  1. *waves*

    Head to the Almond Roca place and buy some of those awesome rejects, then huddle up…. I’m making bottles for cold baby calves and staying up waiting for dad to get in from checking the heifers. (I’m only on tonight because mom has a bit of a cold and was sick enough to be bullied into bed.)

    Seattle drivers are blooping NUTS in the snow! Compared to normal!

  2. I totally agree about Seattle drivers. That’s why I try to stay out of Seattle as much as possible. You should see Second Avenue-they have a dedicated bike lane with dividers and lights now. **waves Back** We miss you! Hugs to you, hubby, and all the kiddies!

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