Photo Challenge…Pedestrian

Most people drive or cycle through cities these days.  From the window of a car, or the seat of a bicycle, you can miss the details that only a pedestrian, walking along at a slow pace, can see.  On our walk through Uptown Port Townsend, I caught these details that might have been overlooked from the car.

In front of a bank branch, there was a planter, with this pretty ornamental grass.


Walking further down a residential street, we notice some movement in the front yard of a home, which was shadowed by trees and flowers.  The movement turned out to be one of these, who moved out of the shadows, and came over to give us a look.


As we walked further on, down the many steps back to the lower part of the city, we saw more of her companions (there were at least five does in the group), and on the bank next to the stairs, we found the leader.


Handsome guy, isn’t he?  So get out, take a walk, and see sights at your level, and in your time.


2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge…Pedestrian

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