Dispatches from Furlough, Day Seven

Yesterday was the first day I spent entirely at home.  I didn’t go out of the house, except to get the mail late in the afternoon.  I did catch up on my Wall Street Journal, reading on my bed as usual.  Protected by my Fierce Guard Cat.


I did 26 minutes on my rowing machine, listening to my old Rush Limbaugh podcasts.  For dinner, Hubby went over to our favorite local Thai restaurant, and got our favorites for takeout (pork Pad Thai for me and red curry chicken for him, and spring rolls).  We want to support our local eateries, as the stupid governor has tried to tank their businesses.

Last night, I did a couple of short posts here, and read and commented on Ricochet.  And I had a dream, about my job as an aerospace buyer.  I dreamt that I was at work, around a big round conference table with my fellow buyers and our supervisor.  The company had gotten us a bunch of swag, including orange t-shirts.  I remember thinking to myself, “I hate orange!”, which I do.  We were preparing to do the foul duty of getting ahold of all our suppliers to push out and cancel all our orders.  I got up to go get ice for my water, and couldn’t find any ice in the really messy break-room.  Then I woke up.  I wonder if that was a prophecy?

Today, just a few minutes ago, I got a text from work.  WE ARE GOING BACK TO WORK ON MONDAY!!!!!!!  Whew!  Dodged a bullet; nope dodged a barrage!  I am really glad to be returning to work, as I was worried about maybe being forced to retire before I really wanted to.  So now, I have about 3-1/2 days of vacation left.  My birthday is next Thursday, and I can’t imagine a better birthday present than going back to work.

Speaking of birthdays, normally Hubby and I go out for a big dinner for our birthdays, and we usually go to either of two of our favorite places, Ruth’s Chris or Daniel’s Broiler, both in Bellevue.  Well, all the state’s restaurants are now closed for in-person dining, and you can only get takeout.  I was resigned to cooking my own birthday dinner at home, when I thought to visit Daniel’s Broiler web site to see if we can get the dinner “to go”.  Well, yes we can!  So, I’ll be calling them and arranging to have our Filet Mignon and Garlic Mashed Potatoes delivered.  They use DoorDash, which I have heard of but never used.  This should be interesting, but very tasty.

6 thoughts on “Dispatches from Furlough, Day Seven

    1. Not necessarily. I just received a “voluntary separation proposal” from the company, inviting me to leave at the end of April. I have exactly 7 working days to decide whether to quit with a decent severance package, or take my chances on getting laid off with none. I cannot make that decision without expert advice. I just hope I can find that advice in time.

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