I Defy

I defy the authorities who tell me that, as an over-70-year-old person, I should be staying home and not leaving my house.  I defy the Government Authorities who say this:

 The CDC guidance comes as two top infectious disease experts with ties to the federal government have advised people over 60 and those with underlying health problems to strongly consider avoiding activities that involve large crowds.Dr. William Schaffner, a Vanderbilt University professor and longtime adviser to the CDC, said these two groups should consider avoiding activities such as traveling by airplane, going to movie theaters, attending family events, shopping at crowded malls, and going to religious services.People in these two groups “should strongly consider not doing these activities at this juncture,” Schaffner said.“This ought to be top of mind for people over 60, and those with underlying health problems, such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, or compromised immune systems,” Schaffner added. “The single most important thing you can do to avoid the virus is reduce your face to face contact with people.”

I do this by continuing to go to work each day at my aerospace job, which is defined as Essential.  Now, my job will be a casualty of the Wuhan Coronavirus, since I have accepted a “Voluntary Separation” offer from the company.  I have also been given a rare honor by my immediate supervisor, and her boss who is the Director of Supply Chain at our company.  The rest of those who accepted the offer will be done at the end of April, while I have been given another month to train my successors in the specialized duties of my particular position.

I, however, refuse to be a casualty of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  I will not cower at home and avoid traveling by airplane and shopping, because I insist on controlling my behavior, and not letting the all-mighty Government (even its all-knowing infectious disease “experts”) control my behavior. My over-60 husband and I will fly to Hillsdale College functions when necessary, because we are big supporters of the College.

I am the master of my soul and my life, and only I determine what I do in response to this new health threat.  I am remarkably healthy, and I went many years at my job with nary a sick day.  I have never had the flu, and I get my flu shot every year.  I WANT to get tested for the virus, to see if I have been exposed, but not enough tests are available, and this, I think, is a massive failure of the public health system.  And I should be able to get tested, if I agree to pay whatever it costs.

I will continue to defy the authorities who want me to act like a scared rabbit.  Even when I retire from this job, I will continue to work any way I can.  I intend to work temp jobs if they are available, and I will continue to work my volunteer job compiling the Business Survey for ISM-Western Washington, which I have now done for 21 years.

So the Government can do its best to get me out of the workforce, but I will continue to defy.  I am strong, and a Happy Warrior.

7 thoughts on “I Defy

  1. kayofmt

    Isn’t there a law about age discrimination? You have a least 10 more good years in you. There are many of us over age 80 that can give many on Ricochet a run for their money!

  2. I still think the scariest thing about this whole mess is how many people have absolutely no idea that the flu is dangerous to the old or vulnerable every freaking year, and apparently see nothing of import in thus washing your hands, covering your cough, restraining yourself if you want to do something but are sick, etc.

    It’s a good thing it’s not possible to reach through the screen. I’d have maimed someone for breathlessly informing me that the kung flu is rare in attacking the respiratory system and putting stress on your heart– monday friday, did you f’n sleep through basic biology the day they explained that a cold is a respiratory infection? Anybody with a fitbit got an email about how any infection can raise your resting heart rate, before you even feel bad.



    I’m sorry about your job.

    1. Right you are! I do know that even many hospital personnel can slack off on the hand-washing, and the Wuhan Virus has resulted in better practices everywhere. Fewer infections is a side-effect of the increased attention to basic hand-washing.

  3. accordion2ray

    Since the virus spreads so rapidly but has such a low rate of suffering, many of we aged 60 years and over who might have been exposed but nevertheless haven’t developed symptoms, and might have acquired resistance or even immunity to the disease ought to be next in line after first responders to be offered serology antibody tests to properly categorize our risk, but stories are out about the UW not giving clear information about the test, even though they are supposed to have one of the best tests in the country. I don’t want to be held captive by the tyrrany of bad ‘science’ corrupted to serve a political agenda.

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