WheelTug, Driving Aerospace

A friend of mine is the CEO of a company called WheelTug.  They are an aerospace startup, developing a product that fits inside the nose wheel/landing gear of an airplane, enabling it to move under its own power around an airport, including pushing back from the gate, turning around, and gliding up to the taxiway so it can take off.  This is a really exciting product, and they already have about 2,000 commitments from airline customers.

Next month, they will be giving the first fully-public demonstrations of the WheelTug system.  This Video acts as an Invitation to attend the TestDrive, either online or in person.  I invite my readers to take a look, and see if you don’t think this is a remarkable invention.  WheelTug promotes their system to airlines, not as a fuel-saver (which it does), but as a time-saver, adding minutes per day that airlines can use to squeeze in additional flights, or improve scheduling.  The system also saves aggravation, and eliminates the need for a separate ground-tugger and personnel to man that tugger (and potentially get in the way of the airplane, causing damage).

Take a look at the video, and tell me what you think.  Comments encouraged!

17 thoughts on “WheelTug, Driving Aerospace

  1. For what it is worth, I was a ramp rat with Air Florida for a quick minute before they crashed a plane in DC and folded from the ensuing lawsuits.

      1. I was supposed to be near there with my mom visiting her brothers (all farmers since birth) and was going to see if I could bring her with me as my date, but I am kind of stuck here in the land of smiles. I may still attend in person (without mom because she is scared I’ll give her the china-bug) but logistics are unfavorable.


  2. P.S. They made me keep some clean clothes in a locker and would ‘put’ me on the counter when they were short-handed there. That was when I learned to hate the public.

  3. Speaking of scheduling, some European airlines will make earlier departures to add flights to their schedule. They should be able to taxi to the hold short line then crank up their engines as soon as ‘quiet hours’ come to an end.

  4. kayofmt

    Dearest RushBabe, please stop by when you go through MT. I am now in Kalispell, off highway 93 and state 2, easy to find me. Only 1 block over from Highway 2 and about 8 or 9 blocks from Highway 93. Couple of things I’d like for you to have. 836 E Washington St., Apt I, Kalispell MT. Phone (406)270-4027. Love Kay of MT

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