RushBabe49 Fights Tech Censorship of New York Post expose on Joe Biden’s son Hunter

By now, most of my readers will probably have heard about the rank censorship by tech platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Google, of the story in the New York Post about the machinations of Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat candidate for president, “Sleepy” Joe Biden.  It is well-known that Hunter Biden was given a place on the board of Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, at a ridiculous salary of $50,000 per month.  Hunter knows little about the gas industry, and less about Ukraine, so it has been widely believed that the sole reason for his placement on the board of a foreign gas company was so they could curry favor with Hunter’s dad, Vice President, Joe Biden in the Obama Administration.

Just this week, the Post came out with a dynamite story, based on emails found on a laptop computer.

It has also been announced that the Justice Department in the Trump administration is also investigating this issue.  It took a few hours for all the Leftist Social Media Platforms to kill the story, censor it, or flag it as “fake news”.  Since RushBabe49 is not a user of any of those platforms, I have made it my business to link to all the stories on the New York Post’s own web site, for the convenience of my readers who may have been victims of the egregious censorship.  Below are links to other stories regarding this Washington DC scandal.  I urge my readers to share all these stories with their friends by email, since the stories will not be found on their favorite social media.  Let’s keep the sordid story of Hunter Biden front and center, and help end the corruption of the Leftist Democrat party in the US.

Social Media Giants block Post over Hunter Biden Expose

House Republicans Evade Twitter censors to share Post story on Hunter Biden

Inside the life of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son

Spread these stories far and wide!  Do not sit still while our voices are silenced by the corrupt social media!

Oh, and if you are still getting all your news from Fakebook “News” Feed, perhaps you should start getting your news from the original sources, instead of censored social media.  Maybe then, you would actually be informed, and not mis-informed.

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