Happy Bird-days!

Our yard this week has been a bird madhouse.  We have had flocks of bushtits, a rufous-sided towhee, black-capped and chestnut-backed chickadees, a Bewick’s wren, red-breasted nuthatch, and juncos.  And who should put in an early appearance?  Our Townsend’s Warbler!  He usually doesn’t arrive until late December.  Sorry for the reflections, but the picture was taken through the sliding double-paned glass door.


Today, the chickadees were partaking of the suet.


Once again, we got a large flock of common bushtits, and they were just mobbing the suet feeder.  I have been here for over 20 years, and I don’t remember ever having this many, this early in the year.  They are just delightful to watch.

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