Thanksgiving in Time of Covid (You vs Government)

It should be well-known by now that every single government infectious-disease expert in the Universe has described the traditional Thanksgiving holiday as a potential “super-spreader” event.  Most governments have strongly warned citizens against visiting their relatives and sitting in their numbers around the groaning table.  Every one demands that you stay home this Thanksgiving, eating your turkey in isolation.

A new article on the KOMO Seattle Web site today says that:

State health officials plea for people to avoid Thanksgiving gatherings.

Here are some quotes from that article.  Emphasis very much mine-notice the pattern here.

State health leaders are stepping up their pleas for people to postpone their Thanksgiving gatherings as the spread of COVID-19 increases. New disease modeling shows the virus is nearly doubling each time.

At the same time there are new projections coming out that the governor’s new restrictions are leading to the lowering of the death count in our state.

Governor Jay Inslee’s actions Sunday, which put restrictions on restaurants and indoor gatherings, are causing the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation to lower the projected death toll. “We’re revising our numbers upward for the country,” said Dr. Ali Mokdad of IHME. “But for our state because of these mandates and the masks we’re wearing we project a lower number yes.”

But the big unknown is if people will follow the advice of not holding the traditional Thanksgiving.

Please notice the bolded “Projections” and “modeling”.  NONE of this information is anything but maybe-educated guesses on the part of politicians and so-called infectious disease “experts”.  How can the Sainted IHME project with even an iota of assurance that the Dictator’s new restrictions on restaurants will lower the death toll?  This is manifestly ridiculous!  There is absolutely no way the disease modelers can have a prayer of estimating what the death toll would be if no one, or if everyone observed the manifestly unconstitutional Decrees of the Dictator.  And there is NO ethical way to test any of the projections.

Doctor Mokdad?  Go Pound Sand.  Dictator Inslee?  Go Pound Sand.  IHME? Go Pound Sand.  We are Free People, and you do not, and cannot run our lives.  And don’t you DARE tell us it’s for “our own good”, or that if we disobey the All-Powerful Government Experts that many people will Die!  They will die anyway, no matter what we do.  Therefore, we will not postpone our Thanksgiving celebrations (and besides, how do you postpone Thanksgiving?  Until when?  Who gets to decide when?).

We assert our rights as Free People, and we will celebrate as we choose.

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