I am Beyond Angry with Software MacKiev, Publisher of The Print Shop(R)

Since 1993, I have used the software program The Print Shop.  It is a simple, versatile, desktop publishing program which allows the user to make professional-looking signs, greeting cards, brochures, and labels.  When I purchased my very first home computer, The Print Shop was the first piece of software I got, and it was excellent.  I made my own personal business-cards and address labels to start with.  I loved this software!

In 2003, when I became an Apple fangirl and bought my first iMac, I bought Print Shop for Mac.  Again, I made all sorts of labels, signs, and cards.  I depended on this software, and updated it immediately when a new version was available.

That all stopped in 2019, when the new MacOS Catalina came out.  Like I usually do, I upgraded within the first week.  And much to my horror, I discovered that The Print Shop4 was not compatible with the new OS.  I went to the MacKiev Web site, and saw the notice that they were “working on a Catalina-compatible version”, so I signed up to be notified when the new version was available. It Never Happened!  The publisher simply did not upgrade The Print Shop (R) for MacOS Catalina.  Aside from the Microsoft Word and Excel that I use to do my Business Survey, The Print Shop was the software I used the most.  It pisses me off royally that I cannot use it, and have not been able to for nearly a year!

Now, a new MacOS (Big Sur) has been released, and I am still getting the same notice that MacKiev is “working on a Big Sur-compatible version”.  Frankly, I do not believe them.  Can you see the steam coming out of my ears?  I am Beyond Angry with this software publisher!  I am not one to do product reviews, but if I find a site where I can rate this company, I will give them a big, fat Fail grade!

If any of my readers or followers knows any more about this, please comment!

5 thoughts on “I am Beyond Angry with Software MacKiev, Publisher of The Print Shop(R)

  1. Terri

    I am in the same situation and have all buy given up on them. I have contacted them by email and gotten no information on if they’re even working on it or not.

  2. Lynne

    I so Agree!!! The Print Shop we are talking about is called “Softwear Mackiev” that is the good version I have version 3 & of course when updating to Catalina, it went from 32 bit to 64 bit, the program doesn’t work with 64 bit. ANGRY! There is a Print Shop for Mac Version 4, Softwear MacKiev, following is copied from page “Publication date 03-19-2020 The Print Shop for Mac Version 4, 64-bit, Catalina/Big Sur Compatible” So there is a version compatible with Catalina now, BUT it is only available to teachers!!! It’s Ridulous I don’t understand if it’s available why can’t anyone buy it??? I’ve tried some other programs & none of them have the flexibility that Mackiev Print Shop does, it’s very Frustrating!!!

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