Should we Conservative Trump supporters fear for our lives next year?

My readers will know that I am a Trump supporter.  I admire the President, and much of what he has accomplished in office.  I’m not shy about wearing my Trump gear everywhere I go.


If you have been paying attention this year, you might have been hearing from DemocRats and their minions that they have Big Plans for us IF Biden wins the election for president (NOT at this moment a foregone conclusion, regardless of what you see in the media).

Their Plans are, basically, Punishment, Harassment, and Destruction.  Here are some links to articles about this.

Purges and Punishment for all Trump voters

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Rounding up Trump supporters (statement by Kamala Harris, who will be vice-president to Biden if elected)

Jailing Trump voters

House Dems plan to punish Trump officials

Article telling how to punish Trump and his minions

7 ways to deal with a Trump supporter

Post-election commission to blacklist, censor Trump

And this is only the first page of results.  Today’s Leftists don’t just want to defeat the other side, they are determined to destroy them, to grind them up in little pieces, and make sure they never challenge the Left again.  These people are absolutely determined to destroy conservatives and their candidates and elected officials.  These are the ones who manage the Twitter Mobs, and the Antifa thugs who loot, and burn private businesses. If Biden is declared the winner of this election, those groups will be unleashed upon Society (or whatever remains after the Covid-thugs have had their way).  These are the ones who issue death threats against political opponents all day long.  Might those threats become reality in January?

They might, and then my own life and Liberty will be in danger.  And, so will yours, if you are a Trump supporter.

My response?  In January, I am taking firearms training, and I will be investing in a gun for myself, so if they come for me, I will be ready.  What will you do?

8 thoughts on “Should we Conservative Trump supporters fear for our lives next year?

    1. Yeah, you are right. Depending on how things shake out, we are considering moving out of Washington State. I really want to live in a red state, but Ray has to have someplace to play squash. Idaho and Utah are on our short list today. Stad from Ricochet has invited us to come to South Carolina, but I do not want to live in the hot, humid Southeast.

    1. Thanks very much. I have always been the world’s worst klutz. I am taking a “ladies class” at the gun range, so I may be in good company! I may come to you for advice on what to buy, after I get trained.

  1. kayofmt

    I already have a gun and have been trained in the use of it in 1973, as have my daughters. The grandsons have been trained as well, one of them now a firearms expert and trains others. He also has won some awards as a competitive shooter. So okay on this front. Actually, don’t think much danger in this state as it is an open carry state.

  2. accordion2ray

    The threats to their political opponents show they lack confidence in their ideas, and of recognition of the inability to prevail without resorting to unethical means. Their strategies are akin to the means adopted by terrorists who cannot achieve their objectives by popular acclaim. They must select visible targets, isolate them, punish them visibly, and as a result cow the remaining populace who might otherwise think better. What is needed is not cowardice, and not bravery that becomes rash. What we seek is courage.

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