He said it better than I can: Guest Author Henry Racette, on President Trump

The following article by Henry Racette was originally posted on the Member Feed of Ricochet.com (behind a paywall-please join if you appreciate this excellent writing).  As usual, he says everything I want to say, better than I can say it.  Please be sure to “like” this post, and all comments are welcome.


Mr. Trump:  Speaking of Grace

I’m a conservative. I don’t like chaos, I’m not attracted to nihilism and social destruction. I like things to proceed in an orderly manner, following sensible rules, and leading to understandable results that inspire confidence.
Having said that…
For four years I’ve watched the Democrats and their cohorts in the media (which is to say, pretty much everyone in the media) make a farce out of politics. It started with Hillary Clinton paying for Russian-made dirt on candidate Trump. It continued with Hillary Clinton making up a Russian collusion narrative in order to save face after her unexpected defeat in 2016.
It continued with leading Democrats and, again, their pet news media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, etc.) spending three years (!) pretending to have evidence to justify their absurd Russian conspiracy. It continued with endless speculation of scandal, of “beginning of the end,” of “walls closing in,” of “another bombshell.”
For all his flaws, President Trump was never, unlike his critics, comprehensively wrong. He spent four years presiding over an astonishingly robust economy, restoring Constitutional integrity to the nation’s courts, slowing illegal immigration to a crawl, getting the US out of pointless (Paris) and dangerous (Iran) international agreements. He was right about law enforcement, right about keeping the nation open, right about dealing with foreign powers.
Unlike the last guy, Trump was right about America.
Finally, in the midst of an absurd impeachment by petty men who had exhausted every other cockamamie scheme for his removal, and largely thanks to the President’s boldness, he presided over the dawning of an historical peace in the Middle East, as Arab states established relationships with Israel and became unified in their opposition to a still-dangerous Iran.
Now, after being defeated by a once-in-a-lifetime epidemic, the censorship and mendacity of a malicious press and tech sector, and an election riddled with fraud and misconduct, the President is not acknowledging defeat quite as quickly as his critics would like.
That’s tough. He’s been cheated out of the credit he deserves for an extraordinarily successful four years by a leftist elite that thinks he and every one of the 70+ million Americans who voted for him are snaggle-toothed illiterate racist haters huddling in fly-over country.
He’s been attacked by graceless harpies for four years. I won’t demand a lot of grace from him now.
I’m just thankful for the enormous good he did while in office.

4 thoughts on “He said it better than I can: Guest Author Henry Racette, on President Trump

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    Join Ricochet! There are excellent conversations and fabulous prizes! (I got a coffee mug once,) Thoughtful comments like RushBabe’s are much appreciated.

    They even put up with my fatuous nonsense.

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