I wish they were kidding, but they are not. Transgender “Day of Remembrance”?!

Sometimes the Leftist weirdos at Automattic, the company that runs WordPress, come up with some pretty unusual things to “celebrate”.

They are dead serious about a “transgender day of remembrance”. I cannot imagine remembering so-called “transgender” people who were supposedly murdered due to their status. The whole “transgender” movement is a farce, and countless mentally-ill people have altered their bodies because their minds are confused as to their sex (female mind in male body). The suicide rate among those who have mutilated their bodies in the attempt to make themselves into something they are not, is astronomical, and these people need psychiatric help, not body-mutilation, for their problem.

And, this attempt to institute a “transgender day of remembrance” denigrates the memories of 6 million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis in World War II, and are remembered each year on the Holocaust Day of Remembrance.

I really hope this does not turn into a real thing. I felt dirty just following the link that showed up in my feed on the back end of this blog.

2 thoughts on “I wish they were kidding, but they are not. Transgender “Day of Remembrance”?!

  1. accordion2ray

    Transgenderism seems especially focused on death by permanently removing one’s own ability to procreate. Celebrating this by creating a special remembrance day seems twisted by recognizing their ‘noble’ and ‘brave’ (but not courageous) choice to remove their genes from the gene pool in advance of the fact. It wouldn’t be appropriate to celebrate a person’s public intention to kill themselves sometime in the future if a segment of the public were to agree that they would be doing the right and noble thing to commit suicide for the betterment of society. But that’s the rationale behind Eugenics. Would Conservatives be credited with earning a special remembrance if a segment of us committed to not procreate or to commit suicide at some point in the future because we decided it caused too much pain all around for us to continue to try to live in a liberal/progressive dominated society?

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