Watchwords of a Biden administration

This is what you can expect from a Biden administration.  I hope you leftists are happy with what is coming.

HIGHER TAXES:  Business taxes will be increased, on all sizes of firms, which will lead to fewer new jobs created, and lower pay for current employees.  Personal income taxes will be increased on high-earning individuals (here’s looking at you, Tech Billionaires).  Rates on Capital Gains and Dividends will be increased to the levels of personal income for all taxpayers.  This will hit retirees hard, since they will be taking those RMD (required minimum distributions) from their retirement accounts to live on.  The FICA (Social Security) tax will be applied to higher levels of income, hitting higher-earning people.

HIGHER ENERGY PRICES: The incoming administration will accelerate the so-called “transition” away from “fossil fuels”, leading immediately to higher gas prices for drivers, and heating-fuel costs for homeowners.  They will go back to the Obama-era fuel-economy standards, leading the automakers to perhaps not be able to sell the SUVs and trucks that their customers actually want, and on which most of their profits are made.  You may be forced to buy an electric car, even if you live in a rural area.  Power for that electric car?  Power plants will be forced to move away from natural gas for power generation, to wind and solar power which are notoriously expensive and unreliable.  Expect constant power blackouts and brownouts.  Fracking for natural gas and oil will be banned, and America will again become an energy-importer.

UNEMPLOYMENT:  With the transition away from fossil fuels, hundreds of thousands of oil-and-gas industry employees will lose their jobs.  The city of Houston, Texas, might be emptied out.  Huge companies may go bankrupt and disappear, if not allowed to extract that oil and gas.  We are already seeing this with the coal industry in the East and Wyoming.  Families of coal-miners are seeing their livelihoods disappear.

RACIAL DISCRIMINATION:  The folks from Black Lives Matter and Antifa will have free rein in most agencies.  Cities will continue to burn, as rioters and looters are not prosecuted, and business owners are bankrupted.  If you are white, you will have a harder time getting into college, getting a job,  or getting a promotion if you have a job.  Employees will be required to admit to “unconscious bias”, and will be asked to give up their “privileges”.  Many cities will look like this:

CRIME:  Most cities will see high and increasing levels of crime, as criminals are treated better than law-abiding citizens.  Gun control will mean that homeowners will not be able to protect themselves in their own homes.  You can already see this in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.  Homeless camps will take over city parks, leading to increased filth, crime, drug use, and disease (already happening).  Property crimes will not be prosecuted, nor will the criminals be arrested.  Prisons will be emptied out, especially when hard drugs are legalized and pushers are released.

EDUCATION: The Education Department will be run by a Teachers Union leader, and everywhere the Teachers Unions will run all the public schools. Standardized tests may disappear, and children will be taught only Leftist History.  Charter schools will disappear, leaving millions of minority children with no escape from their failing schools.  Sexual Education will be taught starting in Kindergarten (already being done some places), including praise of homosexuality, and transgenderism over “heteronormativity”.  Critical Race Theory is already being taught in many public and private schools.  This will now be in all schools.  Read this.

TAXPAYER-FUNDED ABORTION:  This is already being discussed.  Very soon, the Hyde Amendment which prohibited taxpayer money being used for abortions, will be repealed.

OPEN BORDERS:  The Southern border of the US will be thrown open to millions of new, uneducated and illiterate, and unskilled aliens from South and Central America.  It has already been shown that they carry many communicable diseases, over and above the Wuhan Coronavirus which has caused worldwide misery.  No attempt will be made to integrate these people into America, and they will take low-wage jobs away from already-marginally employed American citizens (here’s looking at you, black males).  Many Islamic terrorists may join the throng, putting America in further danger.  Vastly increasing levels of identity theft will follow this influx, as illegals steal Social Security accounts of legal Americans.

ELECTIONS:  The DemocRats have already indicated that they will make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. new states, which will add four new Senators as reliable DemocRat votes.  They will eliminate the Electoral College, which will confirm New York and California as the only two states to determine who becomes President.  Small states that are not Leftist, and all their people, will essentially be disenfranchised, forever.

LAW:  We have already seen how a silent coup, begun by the Obama administration and using the FBI, CIA, and other government organizations, was allowed to roil the Trump administration from Day One.  No one involved with that coup has suffered any consequences.  Not one person has been brought to justice for that illegal interference with a legitimate administration.  That is indicative of the destruction of the Rule of Law in America.  Without the Rule of Law, the men of government are all-powerful, acting any way they like, to destroy the rest of America.

FOREIGN POLICY:  The Biden family has been shown to be beholden to Communist China.  So Xi Jinping and his huge State-owned companies will gradually increase their control of American institutions.  More jobs and industries will again move offshore, causing millions of new lost jobs here.  Communist Chinese will take over what part of Hong Kong they don’t already control, causing Western financial firms to come under the control of those who do not believe in free markets.  Dissent there will be vastly curtailed.  Communist surveillance of populations will increase.  US sports leagues will go the way of the NFL, beholden to Communist China.  The Middle East will again erupt, with US turning away from support of Israel and toward support of the so-called “Palestinians”.  Iran will become a nuclear power, finishing the job that the Obama Administration started; this will be an existential threat to Israel, increasing the chances of nuclear war starting there.

HEALTH POLICY: Socialized Medicine will start with a “Public Option” which Biden has already said he wants.  That will crowd out all private insurance providers, as they cannot compete with the Government.  Once the US medical care system is socialized and Government becomes the sole provider of services, quality will plummet, and your life will be a line item in a federal budget, to be minimized.  If you like your cancer treatment today, just look at Britain and Canada-their survival rates are a fraction of the US rates today.  US pharmaceutical companies will curtail their research, as they will not be able to cover their costs when the government does not pay them enough for newly-marketed drugs. Hospitals and other facilities will deteriorate, when they cannot raise funds for maintenance.  A National Mask Mandate is likely immediately after Biden takes office, supposedly to decrease the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus, but actually exerting social control over everyone in the country.  Anthony Fauci will become the de facto head of the US, as his decrees will exert control over every aspect of your life.  The remaining Society will start to disintegrate, as every single person in the US is forced to give up all social activity with family and friends.  Deaths of despair and suicides will skyrocket; millions of nursing-home residents will succumb to Covid and simple loneliness as family visits are forbidden.  Hard drugs may be decriminalized, like they are now in Oregon; addiction rates may rise, too, and with the Covid restrictions, opportunities for treatment will plummet.

MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY:  Google and Twitter will determine what information Americans are allowed to see and know.  All big-city newspapers that remain will spout only the Leftist line, and conservative media will be sidelined.  Fox News will be bankrupted, as they and other conservative sites are de-platformed, and financial institutions refuse to deal with them.  Big Brother may actually arrive here, as all speech not approved by leftists is deemed “hate speech”, and removed whenever and wherever it is found.  No dissent from the government ideology will be allowed anywhere.  ThoughtCrime will be severely punished.

Oh, and I almost forgot this.  What might happen to us conservatives in a new administration-hunted?

Basically, with the advent of a Biden administration, the United States of America will cease to exist.  Leftists like to denigrate conservatives who disbelieve in Big Government, saying that we say “it’s every man for himself”.  Well, in the coming Leftist Utopia, it will really BE every man for himself.  With institutions of the Family, Church, School torn apart, very little will remain of the Liberty and Justice For All that our Founding Fathers left us.

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