It’s a Miracle!

It’s a miracle of modern Medicine in the United States of America.  Back in January, my Hero, Rush Limbaugh, was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.  His doctors did not give him very much longer to live, without aggressive treatment.  In any European country, he might have been denied treatment altogether, since the prognosis was so dire and his cancer had been caught so late, and he is over 60 years of age.

However, Rush lives in America, and the Cancer Care Establishment hit the ground running, and so did Rush.  He has been on his radio program since January, two weeks out of every three, and treatment one week of three.  And today, in December, Rush Limbaugh is still alive and kicking, and on the radio.  He has told us of some of the horrible side-effects of his treatment, but he has come so far quite well.

Only in America could someone with Stage IV lung cancer get all the latest treatments, and survive this long.  I know that Rush is very appreciative of all the great care he has gotten, and he does not in any way take this for granted.  The American medical system is still the very best in the entire world-just look at the Miracle of Rush Limbaugh!

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