The Republican Party, and what they NEED to do now

If the 2020 Election gets stolen in full, and Corrupt Joe Biden, and “Round-heeled” Kamala Harris take power in January, this will be, in part, due to the wimpy Republican Party, and its representatives and senators in Washington.  When the DemocRats have a goal, they pursue it with singleminded zeal, and they all fall into line.  The Republicans, on the other hand, scatter like mice, and are never held to account by their so-called “leaders”.

Well, it’s time for that to change in a big way.  I think it is despicable that there are still Republicans in Congress and the Senate who remain “Never-Trumpers”.  We are in danger of losing this country to the socialist Left-wing of the DemocRat Party, who have shown over and over that once they gain power, they will never be dislodged.  They have the Deep Administrative State and the Lapdog Mainstream Media on their side, and they will happily destroy us in order to keep their absolute power.

If the Republican Party expects to stay in business, they need to start acting like a Party.  The disrespect that the Swamp Republicans have shown to our President must STOP, and right now.  That disrespect, at bottom, is really disrespect toward US, the die-hard, enthusiastic, Trump Voters who elected him to do exactly what he did for the first three years of the most successful Presidency in history.  They are disrespecting the millions of their own constituents who saw President Donald Trump as the greatest advocate for us, the ordinary people who keep this great country running day by day.  Just look at the huge crowds at every Trump rally, all across the country!  Literally millions of supporters came out to cheer on Our President, even in blue states where he is despised to the highest levels.

We especially appreciate how President Trump fights the Media Hordes who do their best to bring him down. If the Republican Party wants to continue to exist, it must listen to the People who support it, and might stop doing that in the future.  The Republican Party needs to fire all the expensive consultants who continually steer the Party in directions that don’t contribute to Victory in Elections.  And they need to stop acting like the losers they are at the highest levels.  Here’s looking at you, Mitch McConnell in the Senate!  You need to read the Riot Act to all your Republican Senators, and let them know that they will be expected to Vote with the Party, no matter how they might hate President Trump’s Twitter behavior.  We do not any longer have the luxury of a divided Party.  Our Party must show resolution in Destroying the Corrupt DemocRat Party which has been destroying the foundations of this country since the original Progressives in the early 20th Century.

The RNC has been calling us two or more times every day, asking for money.  Well, no funds for you until you get rid of the Never-Trumpers in the Party, and start playing to Win, not only for the Washington DC Establishment to keep their cushy jobs.

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