Seattle used to be committing slow suicide. The word “slow” no longer applies. Decline accelerates.

Sometimes I wonder how Seattle manages.  Their Radical Leftist government, elected by the people of Seattle, continues to engage in activities that are making the city unlivable.  Let’s start with Cal Anderson Park, on Capitol Hill.  During the summer, riots over the death of a black man in Minneapolis led to the takeover and destruction of a good deal of Capitol Hill, including that park.  Since then, the city park has been literally taken over by homeless campers, and Antifa thugs (in the night time).  Early this week, the city government announced that by today they would be clearing out all the campers.  They were given ample notice of the clearing to come.  So, what do they do?  A camper has Sued the City, alleging that the cleanout is unlawful! Seattle homeless campers are now so entitled that they sue to remain on City Property.  And the City backs down.

An owner of a local security company states that Seattle is Out of Control.  Well, he’s half right. Seattle is out of the control of its elected government, because they have yielded control to the homeless (street people, addicts, criminals); and to the Antifa thugs who, with impunity, are turning parts of Seattle into war zones.  I feel sorry for those very few more-conservative Seattle residents, who have to watch their city being ruined by its own government, and who know that most minor crimes, especially property crimes, will have no consequences for the perpetrators.  It’s the taxpayers of Seattle whose neighborhoods are being dirtied, and whose property is now at the mercy of whoever decides that he needs it more than the rightful owner.  This is how Dystopia starts.

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