I KNEW he couldn’t resist! Dictator of Washington proposes Capital Gains Tax

In spite of the fact that income taxes are unconstitutional in the State of Washington, Dictator Dimslee has proposed, in his 2021-2023 budget, a Capital Gains tax on “only the wealthiest citizens” of Washington State.  Never, ever, in the history of taxation, has such a tax, when instituted, EVER affected only the wealthiest citizens!  Never!  The Washington Constitution has a provision that NO tax shall be instituted that does not cover everyone, equally!  The DemocRats always end up increasing the rates of any tax, and applying them to more and more people over time.  This always happens.

Once again, we are treated to the Leftist politics of Envy and Greed.  They who are unproductive leeches on society (many who have never worked in the private sector at all), continually tax those who they think have stolen their wealth; then re-distribute it to those who have not earned it.  Why don’t they just come clean, and name those Greedy Rich whose earned fortunes they wish to confiscate?  Here’s looking at you, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.  Also, here’s looking at you, Steve Jones, David Fulton, Steve Ballmer, Wah Lui, Ken Fisher, Howard Schultz, and Bruce Nordstrom.  All of whom are big Leftists!  The very wealthy normally make much of their yearly income from capital gains, which at the federal level are lower-taxed than wage income (earned by us peons).

Maybe the coming years will see huge tax increases on all the very wealthy, with Radical Leftists taking over the Federal Government.  And it will be interesting to see if Dimslee can get a Constitutional Amendment passed in Washington State, so they can institute income and capital gains taxes on everyone, not just the very wealthy.  That is what they have always wanted, but never achieved.

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