Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #128: Holidays (slightly re-imagined)

It’s December, isn’t it? Normally, December is filled with parties, and lights, and presents, and snow, and song, and bells, and family celebration. This year, most of those things have been canceled. Due to government pandemic rules, Christmas concerts are not held. Normally, each year on the day after Christmas, I grab my violin and head into Seattle, to the University Unitarian Church, to play the full-length Messiah with a huge choir of amateur singers, and an excellent pickup orchestra. For the first time in Fifty Years, the Messiah is canceled this year. I am Jewish, but I absolutely love playing Handel’s Messiah; I sometimes forgot to play, while listening to the singers, who sounded pretty good for no rehearsal!

Here are two pictures from three years ago, taken from my spot in the orchestra.



Most years, we try to make it to Leavenworth, Washington’s Bavarian Village, to watch the Tree Lighting, and visit all the shops, with their beautiful lights.  Since we can’t go this year (ceremony canceled, no crowds allowed), here are some views of past years.

Leavenworth Tree Lighting-Before


Here are some photos of houses in my neighborhood.  Many of our neighbors put up some very nice displays.


And then, some of my neighbors go overboard!


This year, I think “overboard” should maybe be considered normal.

Finally, it’s Magical.  My very favorite album of Christmas music, by a local group here in the Seattle area.  This is an entire family of musicians, calling themselves Magical Strings.  The Bouldings, their kids, grandkids, and kids’ wives, play their Irish instruments, from harps, dulcimers, and flute, to cello and violin.  Get yourself a nice hot drink and a comfortable chair, and listen to some just beautiful music.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Link to Tina’s post.

4 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #128: Holidays (slightly re-imagined)

  1. No matter what is cancelled or where we end up celebrating, the magic of the season is still in our hearts. The lights you’ve shown are glorious as is the music. How wonderful that the entire family participates. As for Handel’s beautiful Messiah surely the performance will return next year. Did you know his original score was 259 pages?! Yikes.

    1. Yesterday as y I went for a pedicure with my best friend, and Messiah was playing on the radio in my car. I discovered that she had never heard of it! I could not believe it! She is not a classical music fan, and she didn’t like it much.

  2. D’Nanda Panda

    Thanks so much, RB! You’ve brought the sights – and sounds – and spirit of celebrating during this holy season forward in words and pictures. (P.S. You could never be “Molly-mope”.} Hugs!

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