Annals of Tyranny, Part I

Today, January 6, 2021, the Congress is certifying Dementia-plagued Joe Biden as president, and “slept-her-way-to-the-top” Kamala Harris as vice-president of the most powerful nation in the world.  The state of Georgia just elected two new DemocRats to the US Senate.  One is a flaming anti-Semite, and the other has a recent history of a sexual relationship with a spy for Communist China.  The Hard Left is now in complete control of the US government.  There is abundant evidence that the election was rife with fraud, and at least 74 million American voters have been effectively disenfranchised.

The American People have elected what will possibly turn out to be the most authoritarian Leftist regime ever seen here, and the US Constitution is set to be overthrown as the document governing our country.  Biden has already said he will institute a nationwide “mask mandate”, setting policy from Washington that every American citizen be required to wear a face covering in public, with NO end date.  Let’s look at a couple of other stories from this week.  One is from another Western Country which elected its tyrant.  Let’s see what has been happening in the formerly civilized country of Venezuela.

The Wall Street Journal story today is titled: “Venezuela Installs Rubber-stamp Congress“.  If you have been paying attention at all, you will know that, back in 1983, Venezuelans elected Hugo Chavez, and he became a Leftist Dictator who ruled over the country until he died.  During his reign, Venezuela turned from the wealthiest country in South America into one of its poorest.  The State oil company, which before Chavez threw off reliable income that enriched many of its people, was politicized and turned into a total basket case.  Chavez purged its management of oil experts, replacing them with his cronies.  Oil production fell dramatically, as oil was provided to Cuba and not its own people.  When oil prices plunged in the 1990s around the world, the regime was starved of income.  Spare parts were not available, and oil rigs were taken out of service when they could not be repaired.  With no oil income, the country has gradually declined.  No foreign income was coming into the country.  Companies in all areas of the economy, from agriculture, to industry, to retail, were unable to buy inventory or parts, so they closed and all the people lost their jobs.  With no income, starvation increased.  Hospitals could not buy equipment or medicine, so people died of treatable conditions.  Lawlessness reigns in cities, with criminal gangs ascendant in many areas.  The country which used to be so prosperous has gone back to being a Third World nation.  The only ones getting enough food are politicians and military cronies of Nicolas Maduro, the current Strongman.  Millions of Venezuelans fled the country, many to the United States.  The operative quote from the WSJ article:

Regime now holds all levers of power, stripping opposition of control of assembly.

Pay very close attention to that sentence.

The second Wall Street Journal story today is entitled “Hong Kong Police Round Up Dozens of Opposition Figures

Recently, Mainland Communist China imposed a new national security law on its region of Hong Kong, effectively terminating the 50-year “agreement” they signed in 1999 with Britain where they promised to keep Hong Kong free.  The Communist government has been rounding up all the opposition figures they can, and extraditing them to the mainland for show-trials and imprisonment.  The CCP is now in total control of Hong Kong, and its status as free autonomous region is threatened, much sooner than anyone had planned.  Remember that new senator from Georgia, who had the relationship with the Communist Chinese spy?  Do you think that he might just be a blackmail target?

And, finally, a link to an excellent article by Dennis Prager, over at American Greatness.

I Now Better Understand the “Good German”.  [please note that Dennis Prager is Jewish]

Watch this blog for further stories of the Tyranny that may be coming to our United States.

One thought on “Annals of Tyranny, Part I

  1. We’ll survive.

    This is going to suck.

    On the upside, evil will oft evil mar, so we got that going for us. Between lying, cheating and backstabbing on the other side, it’s like we’ve got a floating ally. *wry*

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