Joe Biden will never, ever, ever, ever be “my” president.

For as long as Dementia Biden is president of the United States, I will never accept him.  He and his DemocRat party spent the past five years running a silent coup against the legitimately-elected President Donald Trump. They enlisted the Deep State FBI, CIA, IRS, Dept. of Justice, and other executive-branch agencies against President Trump for his entire time in office. And they could find NOTHING that would destroy him.  Nothing!  Their cronies in the hostile media hounded President Trump all day, every day, for five years.  Nearly every story in any media was mean, hostile, and threatening violence against the duly elected President Trump.

Their buddies in Big Tech censored all Conservative voices for the entire four years of President Trump’s administration, and they are censoring President Trump today!  With no effort to conceal their actions, Twitter and Facebook have locked the President’s accounts.  This is EVIL behavior, and will continue even more during the next years of the Biden reign (not administration, because they will rule us, and not govern). For the past four years, Big Tech and Social Media have suppressed the viewpoints of all conservative authors;  mobbed legitimate people off the Internet and out of their jobs; doxxed conservative media figures; called for demonstrations in front of the homes of conservative commentators; and de-platformed many conservative organizations like Conservative Treehouse.  Now, they are even denying conservatives and Trump supporters financial services.

The hostile Big Media spent all summer of 2020, the Summer of Riots, calling those riots “peaceful demonstrations”, and ignoring all the Antifa violence.  Parts of many cities were looted, small businesses burned to the ground, by Marxist Black Lives Matter, and the media publicized and approved that.  From the day after the Election of 2016, the DemocRats and Radical Left have mobbed the streets, carrying their “Not My President”, and “Fuck Trump” signs; they have slimed, denigrated, attacked, harassed, and threatened conservatives and their families, and the Media have been supporters of said violence.


The Partisan Media Hacks have supported all the vile actions against the legitimately-elected President Trump; the White House Press Corps have been totally hostile to the President and his Press Secretaries for four years, making themselves look like fools in the process.  Meanwhile, they totally suppressed all the news of the Biden Crime Family and son Hunter’s influence-peddling with Communist China and Ukraine.

Then, the DemocRat Machine went into high gear, and fraudulently elected a candidate who didn’t even campaign!  Biden spent most of campaign season in the basement of his house in Delaware, cutting off the Press, having occasional appearances where nobody came!  He knew that he didn’t need to campaign, because his henchmen would be manipulating the vote-counting and fraudulent absentee ballots in many states.  And that’s what happened.  Biden is beholden to the Communist Chinese, and they are cheering his “election”.

The appearance of the Wuhan Coronavirus from Communist China was the perfect excuse for the Leftist Deep State to get into high gear to destroy the most excellent economy that President Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign had yielded.  The Washington Health Nazis persuaded the President to let all the states shut down their economies, ruining thousands of small businesses, and throwing millions of Americans out of work.  Those Health Nazis are still in power, and Dementia Joe has already said he would institute a nationwide “mask mandate” to keep all the people in America enslaved.

We know what is coming down the pike with DemocRats in full control of the government in Washington DC, and we refuse to support it.  Biden will NEVER be my president.  And his “calls for unity”?  Just calls for us defeated Trump Supporters to go along, sit down, shut up, and accept our defeat and our fate.  Well, the answer to that is a resounding NO, NO, A Thousand Times NO.

6 thoughts on “Joe Biden will never, ever, ever, ever be “my” president.

  1. Planmaster

    Buck Fidel. He is a poor excuse as a leader and even more so as a human being. It is sad that people would vote for two people that should in no way have any power

  2. kayofmt

    We are looking to have a grafter, and a prostitute in the white house. Sickens me. I still have my Trump flag with the American flag hanging in my patio door. They will stay there for as long as the fabric holds.

  3. kayofmt

    NOTICE! This morning I had 4 e-mails in my trash box from people or sites that I regularly read, all of them from WordPress. When I put them in “Deliver” the notice came up that “KayofMT was not allowed to access these sites.” One of them being Dennis Prager.
    So how do I fix this nonsense?

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