Tributes to My Hero, Rush Limbaugh

All over today, conservatives in Media have been issuing praise for Our Hero, the Great Rush Limbaugh.  I have supplied links below to the many colleagues and supporters of Rush, who are all grieving for him.  These outpourings of grief and praise demonstrate what a great person, and broadcaster he was, and how he enabled so many careers in talk radio.  Many thanks to Dan Bongino, who collected many of these encomiums on his Bongino Report site.

From President George W. Bush.

From Mark Levin.

From Vice President Mike Pence (who I learned only today was also a radio talk-show host).

From President Donald Trump.

From Andrew Breitbart.

From Mark Steyn, frequent guest host for Rush.

From Fox News.

From Citizen Free Press.

Dan Bongino provides “Best Rush Quotes”.

From Jack Fowler, at National Review.

From Larry O’Connor.

From his friend, Erick Erickson.

From David Horowitz:

A great American is gone. Rush Limbaugh devoted his life and his great talents to defending the country he loved against its enemies without and within. Therefore, we have also lost a great warrior in the struggle for human freedom. For America remains – as Lincoln said, “the last best hope of earth.” In the same breath, Lincoln also warned that “we shall nobly save, or meanly lose” this hope. Rush was a shining model for all those patriots who are fighting to nobly save this great human experiment, which is under siege today.

Rush Limbaugh was as generous a human being as he was a stalwart fighter for the cause all of us who loved him and this country share. It was our pleasure and great honor to know him and call him a friend. He was a speaker at several Restoration Weekends hosted by the Center and on his radio show helped us to spread our message. I am forever grateful for the attention he drew to my own books, beginning with Radical Son, which were all written in the service of our common cause.

Because he was so talented and so dedicated a warrior, we cannot hope to replace him. What we can do is be inspired by his example and step up our efforts to “nobly save” our beleaguered country – the cause he lived and fought for until his last breath.

From the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.

From the Wall Street Journal News.

And from my Other Blog Site,  Please read all the comments, as there are links provided by numerous Ricochet Members to all sorts of sources, including his appearance on the Family Guy cartoon.

Rush Limbaugh, Marconi’s Titan.

ElRushbo Is Gone.

Rush Limbaugh and WFB, by Peter Robinson, Founder of Ricochet.

Rush Limbaugh, by Victor Davis Hanson, The Classicist Podcast.

The Day the Right Struck Back, by Ricochet member ToryWarWriter.

The sun came up this morning, in spite of the death of Rush Limbaugh.  And we Conservatives will Fight On.  We will remain Happy Warriors, in opposition  to the Left’s War on America.  Because, as Rush said, America is too good not to fight for!

…and life flows on, within you and without you.  George Harrison


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