The Mainstream Media and Twitter Mob are Despicable!

Their hatred for Rush Limbaugh is thoroughly disgusting.  We knew this would happen once Rush was gone, but it only took a few minutes before the slimy, soulless worms crawled out from under their rocks to pour their vitriol upon Rush and all he stood for.  May THEY all rot in hell.

Liberals and Progressives Cheer Death of Rush Limbaugh  Take a look at the disgusting tweets.  These are not people, they are devils.

The Twitter Mob, which Rush mocked on a daily basis, are proving how much they are worth.  That would be, less than Zero.  They are so predictable!  And horrible.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, a black creature, even stomps on Rush’s long-time call-screener and “Official Obama Criticizer”, Bo Snerdly (real name James Golden).  Now, who is the Racist Bigot?  Not Rush Limbaugh!

A good blog post from over at American Thinker:  The worst people in the world.

Well, my Hero Rush Limbaugh is sitting in Heaven now, letting all the slime and spit roll right off his immortal soul.  He is sitting there, with God, laughing.  Doing what he always said to do when anyone says bad things about a person-laugh at them!


8 thoughts on “The Mainstream Media and Twitter Mob are Despicable!

  1. accordion2ray

    These insulting people obviously didn’t know Rush; they were responding to the figments of someone else’s imagination. Their angry words are a toxic bile that will only consume themselves. Rush lived for entertaining us as a voice on the radio, but his analysis was also truly educational, enabling long time listeners to be able to read between the lines of politicians’ and media spin. His legacy is over 74 million ‘Truth Detectors’ and is still growing.

  2. kayofmt

    Why do you bother reading the hate filled negatives? You know you will be reading slime and lies which is upsetting. I don’t want to have their words in my brain. Kay of MT

    1. I actually understand the reasoning– to stand against untruth, to answer for the guy who cannot now answer for himself.

      Proverbs 26.

      AKA, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  3. I am not reading what you’ve said of those who are so craven that they could not attack a 70 year old cancer patient while he was dying, but must wait to attack him after his death.

    I know they are there, and they are not worth it.

  4. smsgtret

    The article in American Thinker was priceless; especially the pathetic attempted insult to “the people in Middle America sitting in their trucks.” Yeah, that would be the people that provide the food on your table, the gas in your SUV, and all the other things that you need to survive.
    The utter ignorance of these people is completely unfathomable.

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