Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #137-Soft

Aaahhhhh…  Soft.  Brings to mind something my hero used to call himself…just a lovable little fuzzball.  Well, it just so happens that I am owned by a lovable little Fuzzball.  Her name is Kikyo, and her fur is the softest.  When she is in the same room, I just can’t help but pick her up and stroke her soft, plush coat.


Just two weeks ago, our back yard was covered in soft, white snow.  For a few days, we didn’t go outside, just sat inside and watched the snow fall.


The snow on the birdbath in the foreground was not disturbed until it melted away when the weather warmed up.  We figure we got about ten inches of snow.  But that can’t match what fell in the Cascades to the east of us.  How about 33 feet!

When you think of Soft, clouds probably come to mind.  I just love taking pictures of the various kinds of clouds we see around us.  This picture was taken from the window of an airplane at about 30,000 feet.


These clouds were in the sky above a golf course in October.  They just look like cotton.




These thunder-clouds look like someone molded them.  And I love the contrast with the bright blue sky.  This is Mammoth Lakes, California.


I totally agree with Tina about soft fog.  I like the way the trees are softened around the edges by the fog, on the bluff over the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge on the Olympic Peninsula.


And the view of the water’s edge at the shore is softened by the fog.


A friend at work made all sorts of displays, with his many soft squishy airplane models.  We were each given one, and he asked friends for more.  Every other day or so, he would rearrange them, and we all got a chuckle when walking by his desk.


One year, a friend gave me some beautiful, soft flowers for my birthday.  Carnations have always been my favorite.


We don’t have Sweetgrass here in the Pacific Northwest, but we do have other ornamental grasses, which are not only soft themselves, but make a very nice soft whirr in the wind.  These are in Port Townsend, on the Olympic Peninsula.


Don’t you just love to take your shoes off, and walk barefoot in the soft beach sand? And do a bit of bird-watching too.

Flock from afar
Mixed flock of shorebirds, Cape May

Finally, something soft, sitting on something soft.  Kikyo just loves that fleece blanket I got from work.


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