Some predictions regarding the Biden presidency

Almost since the beginning of his “campaign” in 2020, Joe Biden has shown signs of cognitive decline.  The so-called campaign of 2020 was a joke, as the candidate was rarely seen outside his basement in Delaware; made few in-person campaign stops; and when he did emerge for a campaign function, few people attended, and the ones who did were few and widely spaced (ostensibly to prevent transmission of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Empty chairs

Since he has been president, Biden has been signing up a storm, reversing every Trump initiative possible; canceling every executive order issued by President Trump; throwing open the southern border to a steady stream of “asylum-seekers” and unaccompanied children.  He has not, however, made public appearances.  He has had no press conferences, and his spokesperson Jen Psaki has made a hash out of the ones she runs (boy, do we miss Kayleigh McEnany!).

Many stories in the so-called press have referred to Mr. Biden’s cognitive decline.  He can’t state one sentence without slurring his words, and the press has referred more than once to “senior moments”.  Here are some examples.

MSM no longer covering up Biden’s cognitive decline.

Watch Biden senior moment.

Joe Biden’s mental state is a national security issue.

On Joe Biden’s cognitive decline:

So here are a couple of predictions for the regime of the oldest, least-competent president in US history.  I predict that Biden will give no lengthy speeches, on any topic.  He will not be allowed to speak unscripted for more than five minutes. [Edit: This one has already come true.  See this story on March 3] Biden will not give a State of the Union speech before both houses of Congress (acknowledging that most presidents don’t give SOTU speeches their first year in office).  This year, he has an excuse.  Next year, if Biden is still president, he will have no excuse, so I predict that  his administration with return to “prior practice” of having the president write a SOTU letter, to be read by the leaders of each house.  Even today, Biden cannot string more than three sentences together without forgetting what he was saying.  More than once, he has forgotten where he is, which is very alarming in the “Leader of the Free World”.

The Democrats in Congress have even asked Biden to give up sole control of the “Nuclear Football”, the launch codes for nuclear attack that he alone has.  If his own Party leaders don’t trust the president with the nuclear launch codes, doesn’t that communicate that the president is not fit for office?  Shouldn’t the Democrats be referring to the 25th Amendment in relation to Biden, right now?

Countdown to President Harris…In Three…Two…One…

Be Afraid.  Be Very Afraid.

4 thoughts on “Some predictions regarding the Biden presidency

  1. Flicker

    Yes, Biden sure seems to be led about a lot, physically and mentally. And that sort of puts the lie to the “most powerful man in the world” image. But I have to disagree with one thing you’ve said. I really don’t believe that Joe has the ability to launch any nuclear missiles. However, he has the authority to order them to be launched. But if he were to decided to launch anything so provocative, I think there would be many people there to redirect him. I think that the disempowering of Biden is for other reasons that don’t have to do specifically with him, such as perhaps removing this power from all presidents, diffusing the authority amongst a committee of subordinates and thereby aggregating more control to themselves.

  2. D’Nanda Panda

    “Removing the power from all presidents”

    Why is this drastic change put forward as the response to one elderly man’s current cognitive
    issues? It seems more reasonable to evaluate this on a case-by-case basis, since several layers of a president’s national security and foreign policy staffs also have a potential role to play here – and should certainly be evaluated, as well, for their cognitive fitness to participate in making such a momentous decision. Thanks for the chance to chime in on this,

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