British Treasure-hunter gets Lucky

I just found this story in my new go-to news source, The Epoch Times.  It seems that, back in 2017, a British man with a metal-detector was fooling around on a local Northamptonshire golf course, when he unearthed a tiny figurine, made of gold.  Wow!  He did some extensive research, and found out that the figurine was hundreds of years old.  If you read the Story, you will be fascinated by what he found out about his treasure, which is exactly what it was.  Here it is.

Crown Jewel

England has had Civilization since Roman times, just around the birth of Christ.  You often see stories of British people coming across all sorts of buried artifacts, from the time of the Vikings and on up to today.  People with their metal-detectors have found Viking ships, bags of Roman coins, and swords and armor from knights.  It seems that every new building built, which requires a foundation, unearths some new artifacts.  Just recently, in excavating for a parking-lot, they unearthed the bones of King Richard III, which had been lost for centuries!

Here in the US, when the Europeans arrived, they found mostly primitive inhabitants.  When we excavate for new buildings, we might find mammoth bones and tusks, and maybe arrowheads or pottery.  I always thought it must be wonderful to live in a country which had thousands of years of advanced civilization.  When I went to Cambridge in 1991, I loved seeing the ruined castles and monasteries, indications of very old Civilization.

Castle Rising
Castle Rising
Greyfriars Abbey ruin
Greyfriars Abbey ruin, Dunwich, on the East Coast of Britain

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