The Endgame of Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory

Recently there has been a lot of news on the subjects of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in America’s schools.  But has anyone really thought it through, exactly what those two movements are ultimately aiming for?

Actually, it’s pretty simple.  The ultimate goal of BLM and CRT is “Slavery in Reverse”.  What they want is the literal enslavement of white Americans by black Americans.  That is the only thing, in the end, that will satisfy them.  Culturally, they are already there, with big corporations, and most societal institutions favoring blacks over whites in schools, media, etc.  Even many whites have adopted self-abasement as policy, with apologies gushing everywhere.  The Race Hustlers have completely outlawed a word!  The so-called “N” word is so taboo that no white person is allowed to utter it, anywhere, or under any circumstances!  This week more than one white person has lost their job and had publications pulled, simply for trying to explain about how that word became taboo.  Of course, any black person, and most black rappers, use that word all the time.

Like most Leftist movements, BLM and CRT will not tell you exactly what their goal is.  Most people now agree that slavery is horrific, but slavery is exactly what BLM and CRT are moving toward.  They will not be satisfied until all white people in America are literally slaves of black people.  Whitey, you have to obey your Black “Massa” now.

Be very careful what you ask for, you might get it.  Somehow, I think that most white people in America will mightily resist being made slaves.

One thought on “The Endgame of Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory

  1. elizabeth dunn

    I’d like to write a response in defense of all us “white folk” who will not lay down and die primarily because we don’t have to. I don’t have kids so I empathize with what parents are dealing with but perhaps moms and dads should push harder for charter schools. And BTW, the majority of the “problem” schools – and let me be frank- do not exist in affluent, white communities. Brearley aside, many white parents pay high taxes in high income areas and the schools reflect this.

    In the meantime, I have the time and income earned to protect myself against these a**holes who work so assiduously to take it all away from me.

    Ain’t gonna happen Joe Biden. My tax lawyer is smarter than the IRS.

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