Now, there’s an entire month: “Pride Month”?

Back in August of 2013, I wrote a post on this blog entitled “I do not understand “gay pride”.  Below is the entire post.

Why would you be proud of being perverted? Why would you be proud of engaging in behavior that is antithetical to the survival of the human race?

I stand by that sentiment today.  However, the issue is much larger and in-your-face today, given that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that all states must recognize and allow “same-sex marriage”.  The highest court in the land has changed the millennia-old definition of marriage to include people who are of the same sex, and therefore incapable of reproducing.  A long time ago, I read about a little “rule” to decide whether a course of action is good or bad.  Just imagine if everyone in the world did that action, would the effects be good or bad?

It’s pretty easy to determine that if everyone in the world were homosexual, very soon there would be no humans left on Earth, since with no offspring the race dies very quickly.  The same pressure group that pushes “Pride”, has done everything it can to make the majority of the population of the United States acknowledge its perverted behaviors and lifestyle, and support their every action.  The vast homosexual lobby has sued Christian bakers, wedding photographers and venues, and florists, to make them essentially participate in rituals that violate their most deeply-held values.  The vast homosexual lobby has promoted “anti-discrimination” statutes that lead to the shuttering of religious adoption agencies, who refuse to place children in homosexual households.  Just found this:


Think about it.  With their recognizable and ubiquitous rainbow flags, the vast homosexual lobby has debased a symbol of light, and delight.  The homosexual lobby has perverted public libraries with their “Drag Queen Story Hours”, making homosexuality and transvestism seem like normal behaviors, before little children.  These days, most major publications, especially in their “lifestyle” sections, are blatant about featuring homosexual couples at home, and on vacation; essentially promoting the homosexual lifestyle.  In many polls of various groups in America, when asked what proportion of the US population is homosexual, the responses can indicate that many people think the homosexual population is up to 25% in America.  The actual total is closer to 5%.  The homosexual lobby has become so ubiquitous, that people really think the homosexual population is far larger than it really is.  And that’s what they want.

About a year ago, my husband and I became regular viewers of the Church Militant news, and they were very informative about the destruction that is being wrought on the Catholic Church by their large number of homosexual priests and archbishops.  We have learned about the German Catholic “Synodal” movement, which has promoted homosexuality in the priesthood, and drawn the German Catholics away from millennia-old Church doctrine.  A schism is in the making there.

Update in 2022:  I applied recently for a buyer job at a local electrical contractor, through LinkedIn, where I had seen the opening publicized.  Their “easy apply” service does not admit of a “cover letter”, so all the hiring company saw was my profile and resume.  Just this week, that company published on LinkedIn an article in support of “Pride Month”.  I know the company read my application.  If they ever call and want an interview, I plan to decline, since I am not interested in working for a company which supports the evil of “Homosexual Pride”.

Sorry, Lavender Mafia, and Homosexual Lobby, there will be no “pride” here.  We also do not use the euphemism “gay” to describe homosexual individuals.  We do not believe in promoting a lifestyle which, pursued to its logical endpoint, would mean the end of Humanity.

13 thoughts on “Now, there’s an entire month: “Pride Month”?

  1. elizabeth dunn

    “Why would you be proud of being perverted?”

    This comment made me laugh because it’s so politically incorrect, I felt I may have written it. 🙂

    I’m far less disturbed by Gay Pride than I am about the excitement created by the MSM about transgenders who represent less than 1% of 1% of the population.

    In any case, I am considering founding a WASP pride group. I am 50% Scots (with my very own ancestral family plaid) and 50% English Protestant whose ancestors lived in Northern Ireland. Both sets of primogenitors migrated to colonial America in the 17th century and participated in the Revolutionary War.

    I am a member of the DAR.

    I check all the boxes for the most productive but the least appreciated and most despised socio-economic group on the planet! I feel that I need some representation here …

  2. D’Nanda Panda

    I think ‘privacy month’ might be really helpful on both sides of the attraction divide. It’s no one’s business….

    1. elizabeth dunn

      I think political beliefs are important in assessing personal values and I want to know what an individual’s are. (How Mary Matalin and James Carville became a couple, remains a mystery.)

      What I would appreciate is toleration and an open dialogue to discuss solutions to the many problems faced by this country.

      With that said, we all know conservatives have been robbed of their First Amendment Rights, so I am trying my best to elect politicians who want to restore them.

      1. D’Nanda Panda

        Politics needs to be left out of sexual expression; even gay people I know don’t like “pride” anything – exhibitionism – and a link to any specific political view are not for them. Period. (That’s why I stressed ‘privacy’.)

      2. For many homosexuals, their sexual orientation is their main identity, and they insist on being recognized and even praised for it. Sorry, but no. And I do not use the term “gay”. Taking back the language.

      3. D’Nanda Panda

        shorthand, sorry – usually “same-sex attracted”, is my usual preference in language, RB. 🙂

  3. elizabeth dunn

    I would add that political expression is not always appropriate in the boardroom either; in fact, it is fiscal profit and that alone should be analyzed.

    I enjoyed this post because it instigated conversation that designated where and when it is appropriate to verbalize our personal ideologies.

    My biz experience spelled out quite clearly that making my gross margins goals was the priority. What annoys me beyond belief is that every damn topic must be assessed by some unelected political ideology.

    I worked in corporate America for 20 years and because my specific area of the business was the highest gross margin money-maker in the company, my very favorite question during reviews with the CEO and CFO was:

    What was your net margin profit?

    Since I had beaten my head against the wall to achieve my financial goals, I luuved answering this question EVERYTIME!!!

  4. elizabeth dunn

    “For many homosexuals, their sexual orientation is their main identity, and they insist on being recognized and even praised for it. Sorry, but no. And I do not use the term “gay”. Taking back the language.”

    You’ve said it all, RB. Great comment! I actually have three sets of gay male friends and you want to know why we all get along? They are all businessmen and enjoy discussing NYSE, housing prices and politics. They define themselves as people making donuts and there is never a word spoken about their personal lives or mine! Even my husband enjoys their company.

    1. I worked with a senior buyer who is homosexual. He advertised the fact by displaying the “marriage equality” sign on the wall of his cubicle. That took him down a peg in my estimation.

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