Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #152: Shade and Shadow

Shadows are cast by people and things, by the Sun.  You often see a person’s shadow before you see the person.  It’s really hard to sneak up on someone in the bright sunshine!  How often have you seen something you want to photograph, and there’s no place to stand where you do not cast a shadow on it?

Last night, I took an interesting picture, that might actually have been useful for last week’s challenge!  Can you tell what this is?


Okay, I’ll tell you.  We made a batch of Singapore Curry for dinner, and my husband usually does the cooking.  Last night, I decided to watch, and see how it is actually done.  The kit comes with a pack of dry noodles, and two separate seasoning packets.  This is what the pan of curry looks like with just the curry seasoning added.  I thought it was quite pretty to look at, so I took a picture.  The lighting in the kitchen is such that I could not get a picture without some shadow.  It almost looks like a shadow across the Moon.  It sure tasted great when it was ready to eat, too.


Our cat, Kikyo, loves to sit in the sunshine, watching out into the back yard to see the birds at the feeders, and the squirrels who like to drink from the birdbath.  It almost looks like there are two cats, with her shadow preceding her.


In late May, when we visited the Diablo Lake Overlook in North Cascades National Park, it was late in the afternoon, and the sun was low in the sky.  The moving clouds cast shadows that changed quickly.


Almost the same viewpoint in a previous visit, the shadow line is much more evident-it was a much sunnier day, still late in the afternoon.


At the other end of the day, when I went on a golf outing with my high school classmates (around our 50th reunion), it was very early in the day, and the trees lining the golf course cast long shadows, indeed.  It does make it easier to spot the golf balls, however.


At Picnic Point County Park, the logs of the old pier loom out of the shadows.  Only the youngster playing on the beach prevents this scene from being a bit sinister.  The sunlight glinting off the water shows the influence of the clouds.

Walls, Masada
Walls and room, Masada, Israel

Israel is a very hot country.  We visited in July, the height of summer.  And we went to Masada in the heat of the midday, too.  Believe me, we appreciated every single bit of shade we could find.  That picture always makes me feel warm whenever I look at it!

The shade of a tunnel affords some respite from the sun in South Dakota.  And when you get to the end of the shady tunnel, what do you see?  The Mount Rushmore National Monument!

Sometimes, it’s helpful to find a shady spot, to serve as a frame for the picture you want to take, of a natural subject.


That doorway to a balcony, in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, was a perfect frame for the hills on the other side of the river below.

It’s nice to have contrasts, which shade and sunlight always provide.

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9 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #152: Shade and Shadow

  1. elizabeth dunn

    YOU need your own show at a prestigious gallery in NYC. The ‘shadow’ perspective was quite an original concept. Impressive! 🙂

      1. elizabeth dunn

        Jean-Paul Basquiat was-to be frank- a street urchin and I loved his work. Wished I’d been rich enough to buy one!

  2. elizabeth dunn

    It just occurred to me that I failed to ask your opinions about your specific genre- photography. Thoughts on Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Dorothea Lange, Man Ray (had several of his prints in my bedroom growing up), or Walker Evans?

    I’d be interested in reading a photography post with examples and commentary; I’ve visited MOMA so many times, it might be interesting to hear some commentary from elsewhere.

  3. I am so amateur! I really don’t have much of an opinion about the pros, but I do like Ansel Adams. You may have noticed, I photograph mostly landscapes, and I do all my photography these days with my iPhone, and sometimes with my point-and-shoot Canon camera. I enjoy the photo challenges a lot. If you click on the link at the bottom of this post that says “link to original post” you can see the work of the lady who presented this week’s challenge. I am honored that so many professional photographers follow my blog. I have to say, my favorite is Tina Schell, whose blog is Travels and Trifles. Look her up, and check out her photos.

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