I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.

This week, a Ricochet friend did a post, that referenced the song above.  For young people who don’t know it, here is my favorite version, by Judy Collins.

Boy, does this bring back memories of my childhood, when I was in college in the far-away 1970s.  But I really have looked at clouds from both sides, now.  In the past few years, I have often flown above the clouds, on a big airplane, which took me to faraway destinations like Phoenix, Detroit, and Nashville.  Clouds, from above.




Above the clouds
Above the Clouds at 30,000 feet

And clouds from below, from all over the world.  Alaska.  Those clouds in Juneau were the lowest clouds I’ve ever seen!


Hawaii.  The clouds we saw in Hilo, were a combination of normal clouds, and steam from the Kilauea Volcano.


Clouds over the Pacific Ocean.

Clouds over Pearl Harbor, on Oahu.


England, in the summer of 1991.

Ruin of Greyfriars Abbey, Dunwich

Very ominous clouds in Iowa.  We did manage to outrun that big thunderstorm, but it was touch-and-go all the way.

Storm nearly behind
Outrunning thunderstorm in Iowa

Lowering clouds in North Dakota


From Pike’s Peak in Colorado.


And Pike’s Peak, seen from Garden of the Gods park.

Pike's Peak
Pike’s Peak from Colorado Springs

But we get some lovely clouds, right here in Western Washington, too.  Near North Bend in the Cascade foothills.


Silver Lake, right by my home in Everett.


Looking right down my street, at sunset.

January Sunset

And in the morning, on the golf course.


Of course, Puget Sound gets its share of rain, and sometimes you can see a rainstorm a long way away.

Clouds over Kitsap

I love the clouds, from Both Sides Now.

Edit on June 20.  I am linking this post to the new Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #153, Wonderful World.  This post is a big part of my world.

4 thoughts on “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.

  1. elizabeth dunn

    I had mixed emotions about this post.

    “Both Sides Now” was a popular song at high school prom; still think it’s very special but it made me feel a little sad for the great music written in those days that doesn’t seem to exist anymore except sporadically (Ed Sheeran, par exemple).

    I thought your combination of song and photos was quite unique and I CONTINUE TO THINK you deserve your own Boomer art show. 🙂

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