Seeing Red around our house today

This week, all the houses in our section of the complex are being repainted.  Homeowners can choose their preferred color, which is approved by the HOA board (our neighborhood is mostly detached homes with a few duplexes).  Here’s what our house looked like yesterday, after the painters had been here doing prep work.


It has been a nice, neutral gray since about 2015 (I bought the house when it was under construction in 2000).  The painters are here today, doing the majority of the house.  Can you guess what color I chose this time?  Here is what we are seeing from the inside today.

Yes, our house will be “barn red” with white trim, when the painters have finished.  There is another house on our same street, but down the block on the other side of the mini-forest that is the same color.  I have always loved red barns, and I jumped at the chance to have a red house.  I will post “after” pictures of the outside once it’s finished.  You can tell from the “before” picture above that my house will now match my car!  That’s it in the garage.

I just went outside, so here’s what the front looks like now.  Painters still have the trim to finish.


There will be white fake shutters on the upstairs windows, and white trim everywhere else.

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