Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #160: Inspiration

This year, filled with uproar, health crises, heat emergencies, corruption, as well as new friends and places; what has kept me grounded, “my Inspiration”, is knowing that I still live in the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth.  The United States of America, and its great history, has been my inspiration.  Even when I get very depressed about the state of our Union, I still remember that in all of human history there has never been a nation, founded on a Great Idea-Liberty-more wonderful than our United States.  This challenge allows me to use the timeless words of a song written in the 20th century, by a son of grateful immigrants; who every day thanked God for allowing him to live in America.

From the Mountains:



Pike's Peak
Pike’s Peak from Colorado Springs

To the Prairies:

Montana Big Sky


Missouri River.

Dust devil, wheat field in Eastern Washington

Green Wheat

To the Ocean, White with Foam:

Rocks sand surf



God Bless America, My Home, Sweet Home

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