Better late than never! Cee’s August 6 FOTD challenge: Berries

I recently came out of retirement to work a temp job.  On my first day of work, I took notice of the plantings in front of the building.  It’s a pretty standard industrial park building, concrete-slab walls, in the middle of the requisite parking lot.  But I thought this was a pretty unusual sight in an industrial park.  I actually have no idea what these berries might be, but I really liked the green foliage around them, as well as the orange berries, and purple flowers.


If any of my visitors know what they are, please enlighten me!

Link to Cee’s Post.

5 thoughts on “Better late than never! Cee’s August 6 FOTD challenge: Berries

  1. Found it!

    Rubus hayata-koidzumi and a couple of other names, but “Creeping Raspberry”– I seriously looked at it and figured I’d see if I could find “ornamental orange raspberry” and one of the first three results was nearly identical, though with fewer fruits!

    It’s from Taiwan, is at least technically edible (IE, nontoxic) and is noted as as being really pretty year round with a purplish red phase when sorta dormant.

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