Curvy or Arches: Cee Neuner’s Challenge for this Week!

Ooh, this one is going to be really fun! One of the original photos I posted on my blog, way back when, is a twisty road in Eastern Washington along the Columbia River Gorge.  I have always loved the shrub-steppe terrain there.

Winding Road
Winding Road-Eastern Washington State

How about our kitty, curving her body to rest on our barrel chair?  It was one of those 100-degree days we had this summer, very uncomfortable for all of us.


The huge piece of public art in Nashville is pretty curvy.


The outside of the Library of Congress has three arched doorways.  And the inside has dozens of these arched niches, with artwork and sayings derived from classical antiquity.

Christ Chapel at Hillsdale College has a vaulted ceiling (just a series of arches), and arched windows at the altar end.


I think the rainbow counts as curvy, don’t you?  Not to mention the arched doorways in the Festhalle in Leavenworth, Washington’s Bavarian Village.


The arched bridge over the canal in Venice, California.  That canal is barely thigh-deep.


One arch inside another in the old Wurlitzer jukebox.


The curvy deck superstructure on the Crystal Symphony cruise-ship.


A very unusual cloud formation we saw at Pike’s Peak in Colorado.


A natural arch in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Natural Bridge, Bryce
“Natural Bridge”, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

And three arches from my trip to Cambridge, England in 1991.  The Trinity Hall dining room has to be the most beautiful place I have ever dined, and we ate all three meals there when we were on campus.

Castle Acre
Gatehouse, Castle Acre
Cambridge-Trinity Hall
Dining Room at Trinity Hall College, where we stayed.
Cambridge_River Cam
A peaceful River Cam bridge, behind Trinity Hall.

Well, Cee, you asked for them!

Link to Cee’s original post.

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