Bad news for Facebook is good news for me (and probably for society)

Schadenfreude, anyone?  It seems that the Facebook Empire was taken down today, probably by a hacker.  From this story on the Fox News web site, all parts of the company, including Facebook, Instagram, and What’sApp, were completely unavailable today, all over the world.  Rumors also have it that Facebook employees were prevented from entering their buildings, because their key-cards did not work; and engineers were unable to access server rooms, for the same reason.  I also heard that the outage had something to do with the DNS (Domain Name System), which preserves their identity online.

I believe that Facebook is Evil, having declared themselves the Arbiter of Truth, removing posts (and canceling accounts) that contradict the Leftist Canon on issues from law-enforcement, to Covid vaccines and (lack of) treatments, to US politics.  This hack attack couldn’t have happened to a nicer Evil Empire.  They richly deserve what they are getting, and I hope this event puts a dent in Mark Zuckerberg’s wallet.

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