A sordid tale from Seattle’s anti-religion stance.

A friend of mine sent me the link to an article on the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal site. He is connected to the mainstay downtown Union Gospel Mission, which is facing a deadly threat from a lawsuit by a person who applied for a position there, and objected to the Mission’s requirement for all its employees to be professed Christians (please note the “Gospel” in their name). The Mission has been caring for and helping the needy and homeless in Seattle for 89 years, but only recently has it had to defend its stated Mission in court.

The Washington State/Seattle Supreme Court ruled against the Mission, giving it a Hobson’s Choice of hiring an employee who does not agree with its reason for being; or closing down. The Union Gospel Mission is now appealing to the US Supreme Court for redress of grievance. I urge all my readers to click on the link HERE, to read the article and listen to the podcast conversation with the Director of the Mission. Thank you.

One thought on “A sordid tale from Seattle’s anti-religion stance.

  1. I don’t support the Mission(understatement), but for heaven’s sakes yes that is ludicrous and a very obvious targeting of a location FOR their very, very milk-toast religious stance.

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