Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #178: My choice; Winter Wonderlands

The theme this week is “you choose”, so in this era of fear, loathing, pestilence, and tyranny, I choose to go through the archives and find pictures of winter wonderlands I have seen.  One benefit of a blanket of snow over the world is the muffled silence it brings.  Fewer vehicles are on the streets, and the ones there are, cast a quieter vibe.  I have always loved walking in the snow, and my all-wheel-drive SUV loves to play in the snow.

Starting with my own backyard.  The snow piles up on the various objects and plants in the yard, so you can tell about how much has fallen.

These are from this year, in February.  I have also loved the snow-covered evergreen trees in the next yard over, and in the big “green space” to the west of our house.


back yard trees in snow

Then, of course, there’s the wildlife that visit our yard all year, but I love them all in winter more.  They have lost their camouflage, for the most part, so we can see them better.  And they like the snow, too.


Here’s one of our red-breasted nuthatches, availing himself of our suet.


Our female Varied Thrush, who lives in the green space but often visits our yard to root around for worms-they are carnivores.


And my very favorite Townsend’s Warbler.  They used to visit very rarely, but now they come around much more often.

Here’s a video I took of many of the birds who visit.

Of course, what would the backyard be without our mischievous squirrels?

When it snows around here, our yard is not the only winter wonderland.  Here are some photos of trees, bushes, and objects under their blanket of snow.

And there’s always the town of Leavenworth, with its Bavarian storefronts and twinkling lights.

I can hardly wait for it to snow again.

Here’s the Link to Tina’s Original Post.

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