Pardon me, while I indulge in a bit of Schadenfreude

To those of you not familiar with the German word “Schadenfreude”, it means enjoying the pain or disappointment of others.  Since the majority of DemocRats in America are very good at making death threats, and wishing their political adversaries pain and suffering, allow me to give them some of their own medicine.

Today there are two stories on Fox News about DemocRat politicians in different parts of the country, both of whom are avid supporters of what they call “police reform”, and the movement to de-fund police departments everywhere.  These two politicians have very little to say about the causes of the large increases in violent crime within their jurisdictions, since that violent crime rarely affects them in their gated communities.

The first story is about DemocRat Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania, who was carjacked at a park in Philadelphia.  Two black men walked up to her as she was returning to her car, and demanded her keys.  They also stole her purse and phone.  Ms. Scanlon is white.

The second story is about Illinois state Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford, who is black, and was similarly carjacked in the very violent city of Chicago.

I am happy to see those who visit violence and mayhem upon their innocent constituents, receive a tiny bit of comeuppance.  However, I think that these experiences will not teach either politician a lesson.  I predict that their attitudes toward law-enforcement will not change; they will go back to their gated communities, rant a bit about the rising crime rates, and do nothing to stop the crime.  I wonder what it will take to make these privileged women start to see things from the view of the people who have to deal with it on a daily basis.

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