Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196: Humor (Updated)

All these humorous signs were collected on our road trip from Washington State to Colorado and back.

In the town of Rock Springs, Wyoming, we found a most unlikely restaurant.  A Japanese Steakhouse, called Sapporo.  We had an excellent dinner.  This guy greeted customers outside.


That’s my six-foot-tall husband for scale.  The sumo wrestler is a pretty unusual person to find in a small town in a rural state.  He did get a lot of laughs from us!


How would you like to wake up to this every morning in your hotel room?  Here’s what it is.


Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!  I thought it was very clever, found in our hotel by the river in Missoula, Montana.


This pub in Cheyenne, Wyoming had a very interesting outside sign.  I wonder what happened to the other half of that Chevy truck?

BlackJeep-Billings Costco

We parked next to this car at the Costco in Billings.

And at the Jimmy John’s in Bozeman, this sign.


That better have been humor!

And for John, The Host, one more.  We have only in the last few years become fans of the ridiculous cartoon show, South Park (which has been in continuous production for over 25 years).  Being in the Colorado Springs area for our Hillsdale College seminar, we just had to visit the little mountain town which was the idea for the town of South Park, in Park County (for real).  Its original name was FairPlay, and it is that again.  Here’s a shop we found there, with its salute to the show.


How many references to the cartoon show can you find in this photo?  And you see the blue sky?  Before we left town, it began to snow!

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4 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196: Humor (Updated)

  1. YEAH!! South Park Pottery!! My old ‘mountain town’. We had a weekend place there for awhile. ‘Twenty years behind the times’ and thank goodness for that!

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