Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #214: Favorite Finds

To start with, these favorite finds are all from this month of August, 2022.  I have a great liking for clouds, and I keep an album on my computer of just cloud photos.  I was impressed with these wispy clouds around Colonial Peak in the North Cascades, when we visited the Diablo Lake Overlook on August 6.


Knowing that air currents blow the clouds around, I thought that it was impressive to think that that scene would never be the same again.

On a trip to our local mall, I spotted this tub of flowers around the outdoor walkways.  They just looked so perfect.


Also in the floral category, last weekend we tried a new sushi restaurant in Bellevue, and this grass plant, beautiful in itself, was going to seed.  I can not remember having seen this particular arrangement of the seed, that was quite geometric.  Geodesic, maybe?


This find isn’t really a “find”, since I asked my parents to will it to me when they passed away.  It is a truly one-of-a-kind painting by a local artist whose literature my father printed in his business.  Dad took his payment in art, and I especially wanted this one.


It is called “Patterns at Nara”, and its creator was Richard Kirsten Daiensai.  He became a Zen Master in his later years, whence comes the moniker Daiensai.  This painting was early in his career, when he was simply Richard Kirsten, which makes it quite valuable.  It is a real pleasure to have in our home.  I took it to Kirsten’s sons’ gallery to have it formally appraised after my mother died, and the two men were thrilled to see it again, as they had forgotten that it existed.


This is my last favorite find, and it was just taken this past Thursday evening.  We went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, which is right at the Everett Marina.  We were seated outdoors, and got a wonderful sunset view from our table.  Thank goodness for my iPhone!

Here’s the Link to Ann-Christine’s Original Post for this week.  And Tina’s too!

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