Now proven: Social Media platforms are now a branch of the Federal Government

Just recently, on a Joe Rogan podcast, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), admitted that the FBI had come to them in late 2020, to warn them that the story regarding the laptop computer owned by Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden), might be “Russian disinformation”.  So, Facebook buried the story from the New York Post, resulting in the American public not being informed that the son of the Democrat presidential candidate was involved in all sorts of shady activities.  From the NY Post story, we learned that Hunter Biden was a drug addict, sex addict and adulterer, and on the take from Communist China.  We only know now, from current polls, that if the public had had access to that story, Joe Biden might not have been elected president.

Now, we have known for years the the “mainstream media” in this country are a fully-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, and will do the Party’s bidding almost without being told.  This story, however, brings to light that Social Media are also doing the bidding of the Deep State, AKA FBI, which are also reliably Leftist.  And now, FBI whistleblowers are informing Senators about the organization coordinating with Facebook.  What should immediately happen from this new knowledge is Twitter and Facebook being hauled in front of Congress under oath, to tell that same story.  Seeing that they are now doing the government’s bidding, they are no longer to be treated as “impartial publishers” of others’ content.  This means that they are now NOT covered by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (which absolves them of liability for creators’ content), and can now be sued a hundred ways for the suppression of legitimate stories on their platforms.  The New York Post needs to file suit now, as they have been legitimately harmed by Facebook behavior.

You readers, how many of you spend significant amounts of your time on Facebook or Twitter?  How about you cancel your accounts, since your news is being censored.  Once you get off Facebook you might want to join a platform like Gettr, or TruthSocial, so you can get the real news you have been lacking.  No censorship either place, and you can invite all your friends and family who are still getting bamboozled and censored by Government Social Media.  Of course, you can find me there, too!

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